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Terms and conditions

The present document contains the Agreement of the Terms and Conditions that are applicable to all natural or legal persons, national or foreign, that access, use, and subscribe to the services provided by MOON&ZULETA, MARKETING FLORDELAVIDA CIA.LTDA. (hereinafter referred to FLOWER OF LIFE), through your web portal or any other web portal owned by FLOWER OF LIFE.




Is the trade name under which it operates and provides services company MOON&ZULETA, MARKETING FLORDELAVIDA CIA.LTDA.



Are the terms and conditions applicable to all Users accessing and/or using the services provided through the web portal or any other web portal of the FLOWER OF LIFE.


Are the special terms and conditions and are specific to a PRODUCT and apply only to that PRODUCT.


Is the online store of the company

MOON&ZULETA, MARKETING FLORDELAVIDA CIA.LTDA. that works in the direction of the Internet or any other web portal owned by FLOWER OF LIFE.


Is the natural or legal person who accesses and uses the services provided by FLOWER OF LIFE via the WEB PORTAL.


Are the products offered and sold by the FLOWER OF LIFE in the WEB PORTAL.


It is the mind that creates the USER in the WEB PAGE, where you enter your personal information, which may be verified by FLOWER OF LIFE at any time. In the PROFILE does not consist information about credit or debit cards, which for the safety of the USER will be entered specifically for each transaction.


It is the transaction that the USER makes on the WEB PAGE by which they acquire a PRODUCT.


General Terms And Conditions

All use, access and transactions of the USERS in the WEB PAGE, generate legal obligations for the services rendered by the FLOWER OF LIFE, and are governed by the POLICIES.

In the event that there are SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the purchase of a PRODUCT, whether they are determined by FLOWER OF LIFE or by the SUPPLIER, shall be identified in the WEB PAGE or in a link to the effect, and shall supersede the POLICIES set forth herein.

The USER expressly accepts the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at the time of creating the PROFILE on the WEBSITE or before you make your PURCHASE.


Contract "CLICKWRAP", availability of product and price

At the time of ordering a PRODUCT, the USER agrees to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at the time of “clicking” on the “I Agree” button. Therefore, it is a Contract of Adhesion, where the TERMS AND CONDITIONS are accepted by the USER when performing the “click”. Once the USER has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and confirmed the PURCHASE, you may not modify it and must wait for the confirmation e-mail of the PURCHASE of part of the FLOWER OF LIFE , which will contain the information related to the shipment of the PRODUCT.

The USER declares that the data provided in your PROFILE and the additional data required in the specific PURCHASE are sufficient and correct. In case of detection, FLOWER OF LIFE may inform the User regarding data that is inconsistent, incorrect, or insufficient, and will notify you of this so that the USER makes the correction or inclusion. Any modification to the PURCHASE or the information of the USER may affect the availability of the PRODUCT or the impossibility of delivery, so that the PURCHASE may be terminated by the FLOWER OF LIFE , who will immediately notify the USER and refund the price paid, it being the case.

As a general rule, the product price will be the one exposed on the WEB PAGE.


Promotions and use of coupons

FLOWER OF LIFE may make promotions on the PRODUCTS, including the issuance of coupons. The promotions will be published on the WEBSITE, sent to you by email or advertised on the media or channels other than the WEB PAGE. Any promotion or coupon shall comply with the following requirements:

· Contain a Code generated by FLOWER OF LIFE

· Enter the Code within the period of validity of the promotion

· Apply conditions specific to each promotion

· Not apply with other promotions or discounts

· Not apply, or stack with other coupons


Delivery of products


The conditions of delivery of the PRODUCT to the USER will depend on the been chosen by the USER at the time of PURCHASE and that the information provided by the USER is correct. The deadline for the delivery of the PRODUCT will run from the time of receipt of email confirmatory sent for FLOWER OF LIFE the USER of the PURCHASE made. In the email you will be informed about the maximum time of delivery.

Certain PRODUCTS, by their very nature, will not be available for certain regions of the Equator, in which case, FLOWER OF LIFE reserves the right to cancel the PURCHASE and refund the USER the price paid.

If the USER is not in the place of delivery of the PRODUCT, the delivery service chosen by the FLOWER OF LIFE will return to this PRODUCT, with which THE FLOWER OF LIFE will send a notification to the User of the impossibility of delivery. In this case, FLOWER OF LIFE, dispatched the PRODUCT again within the 72 hours following the first return. In case you do not find the recipient, for the second time, the PRODUCT will be sent to the offices of FLOWER OF LIFE, where the USER must remove or cover additional costs for a third party shipment.

In the event that the USER does not remove the product or to solicit a third shipment within 3 days since the second return of the product, FLOWER OF LIFE may terminate the PURCHASE made by the USER, reembolsándole the price paid, with the deduction of respective by the use of a cellar and the shipping costs.


Product returns

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 120 days from the date of purchase, you may return the purchased product to us for a full refund or exchange it for another product of equal value. Products being returned or exchanged must be in the condition you received it and in the box and / or original packaging.

Product warranty


Applicable law

Clause, Arbitration