Every piece has a meaning and intention

Hi, Welcome to my shop!

It is my passion to create jewelry with profound meaning.

All of my work is guaranteed in silver, gold, and 100% natural gems.

My home base is in Quito, Ecuador where I create all of my designs that are produced in a small artisan workshop, but ship mostly out of Ottsville, Pa so that your pieces can arrive swiftly! Sometimes it is even faster if I ship to you straight from Ecuador, I will always let you know what the best option is :)

I love looking at life in a profound way, I am amazed by sacred geometry, symbolism, gem therapy and all of the wonders of life. When I began making jewelry it seemed magical to me everything that could be created with ones hands and how the metals can carry designs and meanings so beautiful.

I began creating my jewelry in 2014, and I am very happy to be able to share my work here on etsy. I hope that the designs reach you in a meaningful way and that you find something that you like.

***If you have any question or comment whatsoever please feel free to contact me. I love conversing with my clients and I will usually get back to you within an hour.***